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Cargo Connect M16 FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022 Cargo Connect Challenge

Connect cargo to all forms of transportation. Make as many connections as you can and transport your cargo by land, sea, or air to its destination!

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  • 27 Sep 2021


You earn points for the number of containers delivered to circles, the total number of circles that you delivered containers to, and if you deliver the right container to the right circle.

in any circle:

  • If there are containers partly in any circle: 5 each
  • If there are containers completely in any circle: 10 each
  • If the blue (not hinged) container is completely in the blue circle: 20 added
  • If the lime green container is completely in the lime green circle: 20 added
  • If there are any circles with at least one container completely in them: 10 each circle

Cargo Connect


FLLCasts tip

A little trick can be used here. The three gray containers (four, if the robot also takes the container from the airplane) can be placed in the circle next to the airplane. This way the robot will deliver all gray containers in one short forward motion. The blue containers (one is from M03) in the blue circle and the green container in the green circle must be retrieved separately. If the two blue containers are in the blue circle, this is 20 points for each. Gray containers are desirable to be used in M15 - it is more difficult and wins more points.

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