Load Cargo M15 FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022 Cargo Connect Challenge

Load cargo containers safely and efficiently

  • #1808
  • 27 Sep 2021


If there are containers on and touching only the:

  • Platooning Trucks: 10 each (Max 20 points)
  • Train: 20 each (Max 40 points)
  • Cargo Ship’s West Deck: 30 each (Max 60 points)

Load Cargo Trucks

Load Cargo Other


A maximum of two containers can score per form of transportation.
Containers can touch each other or have contents.
Containers can touch the gray ends of the cargo ship’s west deck.
Containers on Platooning Trucks must be completely outside of home.


FLLCasts tip

You can accomplish this mission by using an active attachment (grabber) which holds the containers. When the robot reaches the mission model, the grabber opens and releases the respective container. The more difficult way to solve the mission is to use passive attachments which are activated by touching the base of the mission models and thus release the containers.