School Subscription Payment Details

You need "student textbooks" when conducting classes. FLLCasts School Subscription is an affordable subscription-based model dependent on the number of students. Parents/schools could purchase only the number of "student textbooks" they need in a contemporary format - a 3D-powered, Video-Based, Collaborative online learning platform.

  1. Overview
  2. Pricing - pay as you go based on the number of students
  3. - Parents purchasing students' subscriptions
  4. - School purchasing students subscriptions
  5. - Example
  6. - Duration of subscriptions
  7. - What if students have subscribed in different moments of time?
  8. - Grouping students
  9. Order additional subscriptions


The school subscription is designed for teachers and organizations conducting classes in robotics & STEM with participants 8+ years old. 

Pricing - pay as you go based on the number of students

Teachers subscribe and have their own subscription. Students' subscriptions could be purchased by the students' parents or the school.

Parents purchasing students' subscriptions

You can work with 10 or with 1000 students and subscriptions are purchased only for the specific amount of students. 

This is the most convenient way for parents and schools to make sure students have the needed "textbooks" (in the form of an online platform) to work in the classes. 

A teacher requests a number of students to be added to their subscription by contacting us. We send links to the parents to purchase Personal B subscriptions. Students are associated with the teacher's subscription and the teacher could group them, track their progress, contact them, work with them all through the platform. 

School purchasing students' subscriptions

The school could collect fees from parents for the subscriptions or find funding from sponsors, and order all subscriptions from us. In this scenario, the school is making the payment transaction.


If a school is working with 10 students and has two teachers, the following subscriptions should be purchased:

Subscription type Number
Teachers 2
Students 10

Duration of subscriptions

Each subscription has a duration of 1 year and is subject to a money back policy if the teacher or the students are not happy. Learning in STEM & Robotics requires time. You can look around for a while and test, but before you could expect any results, robots must be built, tutorials watched, programs written and challenges accomplished. This takes time.    

What if students have subscribed in different moments of time?

Each student subscription has its own duration based on when it was purchased. Students in the groups of the teachers could all have different accesses and different time-frames in which their subscription is active.

Here is an example:

  1. October 2022: The Teacher starts working with 10 students. This is Group A. 10 subscriptions are purchased by the parents or school.
  2. December 2022: The Teacher forms a new group of 20 more students. These are Group B and Group C. 20 subscriptions are purchased.
  3. October 2023: The Teacher could continue working with students from Group B and Group C because their yearly subscriptions are still active. 8 students from Group A continue participating in October 2023. 2 have dropped. These 8 students must purchase new subscriptions.
  4. December 2023: The 8 students from Group A have subscriptions. Students from Group B and Group C have to purchase new subscriptions to continue learning.

In summary, each subscription has its own duration and is based on when the student starts participating.

Grouping students

Teachers could group students in any way they like although we have some recommendations. Each group could have many students and many teachers. Each student/teacher could be part of more than 1 group. A user that is a teacher in one group could be a student in another group.

Order additional subscriptions

Write to us at team[at]fllcasts[dot]com.