FLL 2017: How to accomplish Hydrodynamics Fountain (07th), Faucet (18) and Slingshot (17th) Pro Preview

The after season review continues. No. We are not publishing a single solution for the next season before it is over, but let's learn from the previous season. The current tutorial is about three missions at once on a single run with the robot. Most FIRST LEGO League teams try to accomplish one-two missions on a single run out of the base, and three is really what makes the difference

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  • 09 Aug 2018
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FLL 2017: Attachment To Accomplish The Hydrodynamics Fountain (07) And Faucet (18) Robot Game Missions

Two missions in one. This attachment accomplishes the Hydrodynamics Fountain and Faucet missions from the FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics 2017-2018 competitions. The attachment shows a really interesting and widely used approach of a single attachment that is used for two, three and even more missions. This is a standard practice for many of the advanced teams, especially those that reach the finals. The based of the robot is the LEGO Box Robot Three With Large Wheels and Thee light sensors and one Gyro 

FLL 2017: Attachment For Accomplishing The Slingshot (17th) Mission

These are building instructions for an attachment accomplishing the FIRST LEGO League 2017-2018 Slingshot mission. The based of the robot is LEGO Box Robot Three With Large Wheels and Thee light sensors and one Gyro

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