FLL 2020: How to accomplish Cell Phone mission Pro Preview

The Cell Phone mission is part of the FIRST LEGO League 2020 RePlay competition. The goal of the mission is to flip the Cell Phone. In this video tutorial we use a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot to flip the cell phone. This mission is similar to the FLL 2017: How to accomplish Manhole Cover (08th) Mission in FIRST LEGO League 2017-2018.

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  • 07 Sep 2021
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We accomplish the mission successfully. We flip the phone and there is no need for the phone to be back at a specific location after being flipped. That's why we can approach the mission model from different directions and accomplish the mission.

The attachment for the mission is quite simple. It transfers power from the motors with the use of gear wheels and it changes the direction of the movement.

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