Learn how to work with tasks Pro Preview

Your first task follows, and we will explain how to use tasks.

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  • 26 Apr 2018

Structure of the course

In the course, you will see videos and tasks.

Videos are marked with the icon. They will show you how to make the best out of your robots.

After every few videos, there will be a task for you to practice what you saw. We believe that people learn the best when they make things on their own and try their approach.

Tasks are marked with the labyrinth icon and have steps to follow.
These steps break down the problem into pieces that are easy to tackle. You, as a student, should follow these steps.

When you get to a task in class, click on the "Started" button below the task.

Once all steps are achieved, click on the "Completed" button below the steps to mark the task as solved.
When you have trouble with any of the steps, turn to your teacher for clarification. If needed, you can always write it down in the comments section of the page, too.



All tasks support the upload of an image proving that you have solved the task. Some tasks require image upload, while for most of the tasks the upload is optional. 


Steps to practice solving tasks

  1. Press "Started" for the task below.
  2. Read all the text above and share your understanding about it with the teacher.
  3. Mark this task as "Completed" below.

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