Improving FLL Robot Game. How to attach the lifted robot with a passive attachment Pro Preview

Remember the passive/active attachment separation that we are making at This applies for all the attachments and in this Episode, we are looking at how to use a passive attachment.  

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  • 06 Mar 2017
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Passive/Active attachments

We try to categories all attachments as passive or active depending on how they work. More for the separation at How to categorize your FIRST LEGO League Senior Solutions missions. The goal of the passive attachment is to note use any additional motors


We have a solution for this and these are two attachments that we add to the robot and with these two attachments we attach the robot to the mission model. This is how they look. You can find them, of course, in the building instructions for the whole attachment along with the gear box mechanism and the whole attachment. I'll just remove them so that I can show them separately. The interesting thing about them is that at the end you'll see that we have two of the red parts and these are 4x2 and these 4x2 are in such a way attached to each other that we have a space for one Lego beam to move in between. And in this way when we attach it will stay. And we have the next and if the robot is too heavy we can build a third or a fourth. It's just a passive attachment that we add and with this we attach the robot to the mission model. How do we add this attachment? Well, there are a couple of different ways.

And we've decided to go with adding them on the side - on the right side and on the left side. And you see these red pins - triple pins and with them it's very easy it's not a pinless attachment and we can't do it as a pinless attachment because it requires lifting a heavy robot but with these pins you just click and it's very fast. Then from the other side.

And then we can place the robot

on the mission model.

It is important to have the attchament at least on two points. Like here. But we also have a third point and it's right here. I'll show you the attachment again. I'll just remove this and you see this 5x3 beam and when you add it to the robot we have it here to support the weight of the whole robot. So, we have the attachment connected on three places. And it's very stable. You lift by hand, you place and it stays. I can even remove my hand and there is nothing below the robot. Our next task is just to find a way to lift this robot and to place it on the mission model. It is also interesting that with these two attachments and with our Box Robot we can decide to have the box robot attached on the front or at the back. And the attachments are the same. There is again a point here where we can just add it and on the other side.

And it's the same attachment and if I place it on the other side. We can even think of not moving forward with the robot but probably moving backward. And that's one of the nice reasons to have a Box Robot. Because with this Box Robot you can change most of the attachments and change the directions of this attachment.

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