Using lighter for stripping the cables with a lighter. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

Should we use lighters in the classroom?

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  • 23 Feb 2018


Yes. It is about time to teach the students to use lighters. If you are concerned that your students should not use lighters that is understandable, but probably they are too young.

User of lighter in the classroom

Limit the use of lighters in the classroom as much as possible. They should be used only now, only for this class and only for stripping the cables. Limit the time in which they are used. They should be used just for the stripping, which will take 30-40 minutes of the class.  

Sync with school policies

We've worked with schools where the policies are "strange" and the teachers had to sync the use of lighters with the school administration. Better do it in advance.

Can a student be burned and get an injury?

By following the procedure for stripping correctly students should not be burned and injured. 


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