Box Robot Two. Push/Pull attachment with a Rack on the right side Pro Preview

Need to transfer circular into a linear motion. You need a rack. Here is an attachment with a rack for our box robot.

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  • 30 Mar 2017
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Push/Pull with a rack

There are rack parts in the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 set that could be used to build a mechanism for pushing/pulling. The attachment in this episode does exactly that. 

Building instructions

Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot

Box Robot Two Push/Pull Attachment with a Rack

Robot attachment that shows you how a circular motion could be transferred to linear by using a gear and a rack. The final motion is for pushing and pulling things. 

The attachment could be built from LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and NXT parts. 


Final attachment for our Box Robot 2 and it's a nice attachment that transfers a circular motion to a linear motion and works like this.

More details following in the episode. There are many missions in the FIRST LEGO League competitions that involve some kind of pushing. And you must push a part or you must pull and with this attachment you can actually push like this. Or if you change the front of the attachment, you can even pull depending on how you build the attachment. How do we add this attachment? It's again a pinless attachment that we add to the robot. And it's an attachment that we add to the frame. And it's an attachment that for the right side of the robot but it won't be that hard to change it for the left side of the robot. This attachment consists of a small gear system where you have this angular wheel with a gear system right here inside the frames. And we have two gear wheels and we change the direction of the motion and the axles. And then we have a rack. And we have two racks here. We have two gear wheels with two racks. And we move with the rack so that we can push or pull depending on what your mission is. Again, it's very interesting because we just add this attachment to the frame like this and then we can remove the whole frame, place it on the robot and make it work.

Try to construct this attachment and as you constructed send us videos and pictures of your result so that we can further comment on them and give you some feedback.

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