Box Robot Two.Left side attachment with self-locking Pro Preview

This one is very special- an attachment that could lock itself on purpose while working. 

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  • 27 Mar 2017
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Two levers move in opposite directions but are powered by the same motor. At a certain moment, they would lock each other. One of the levers is used to actually solving a mission, while the other is used for locking the first lever. 

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Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot


Our next attachment for the Box Robot is placed on the left side of the robot and we've constructed it in a different way. It works like a trigger but it has a limitation. And when I try to activate the attachment what will happen is that right here it will limit the movement.

Let's see how this attachment works. Let's first stop at this example of attachment and at the end the attachment will work like this. We have the angular wheel at the bottom and it rotates an axle and then we have a system of two gear wheels right here inside the frames and we change the direction of rotation and what happens is that when we rotate we have the lever at the front and this lever at the front it can be used to lift something. And when it lifts something we want to limit the movement of this lever. And that's just an example. So, we have two of the parts and they bump into each other. And in this way we limit the movement of the lever. Now, this might be a good idea if you have something not that heavy to lift and you must lift something very fast and just like a loop you move and you need to lift the loop and you don't want to throw the loop back. So, you have this limiting part here. And you can also use this for other kind of mechanism. A disadvantage of this attachment is that we attach it at only one place on the robot. So, we have our pinless frame and on this pinless frame we place it on the left side of the robot.

Like this. And then we can lift things with this attachment. But it's attached only on one point. And if you continue doing lifting and lowering the lever, you might actually deattach the attachment from the frame. Like this.

And we've done this on purpose to have it as an example why you should always try to attach the attachments on at least two points not at a single point because at the end they could break.

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