Box Robot Two. Attachment for vertical axle on the right side of the robot Pro Preview

In this Episode, we create the next attachment for the box robot two. It is again a pinless attachment, attached to the frame that transfers the motion to a vertical axle. 

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  • 27 Mar 2017
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Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot

Vertical Axle

Many times it is useful to have an axle that is placed vertically. In this way, you could power attachments that should be rotated in a horizontal plane. 

Box Robot Two Attachment with a vertical axle

Attachment used to transfer the motion from the motor from a vertical axle to a horizontal axle. Uses two gear wheels. Could be built with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits.   


In this video we'll show you the second attachment for our Box Robot and this attachment will change the direction of the axle and we'll have an axle that's positioned vertically and that can rotate this beam here.

Here is the problem that we have. We have a number of axles here and a system of gear wheels. And we have these angular wheels right here. The question is: 'How can we from some of these axles change the direction so that we have an axle that's positioned vertically?' Probably we need this for a certain mission. And we have an axle that's horizontal pointing forward, we'd have two axles to the two sides of the robot and now we need one axle that's positioned vertically. The way we do it is with an attachment - pinless attachment where we just place the attachment and then we can use it. Now, this here is the attachment and it's placed directly on the frame. Let me just show you the frame and the attachment and the way we do it. We place the frame and then we attach the attachment to the frame. In this way we can move the whole construction and probably add another frame with a different set of attachments. Yes, I know that this will take many parts but it's an option. Let's look at the attachment. It's basically a number of gray frames and in these gray frames we have this angular wheel - this one here and it works along with the other angular wheel that's on the right side of the robot. And from there it's just a simple gray axle that transfers the power to this beam. We place the frame, we place the attachment, we lock the attachment on both sides of the attachment - first we have at the back side of the attachment and then at the front side.

And then we can actually do some work with this attachment.

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