Teacher's Notes: Intro Yo-Yo challenge Pro Preview

A note why we give the challenge at the start of the lesson.

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  • 04 Feb 2017
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Challenges come first, teaching comes second

Our philosophy is to make students feel the need to learn by giving them interesting challenges. Only then will they be attentive enough to what the teacher has to say.

Let students experiment

So, we first set the challenge and then let students experiment on their own. We let them try a few approaches and only then do we intervene and explain our way to do it.


As a teacher there are a few things that you should know about the Yo-yo challenge and I'll stop at some of them in the current video.

In our course as most of the time we first set the challenge then we let the students experiment with this challenge. So that they can try different things, different settings, different programs to accomplish it, to solve it. And only after that we try to help them. So, we guide them through the way but we don't give them the solutions before we set the challenge. So, we don't teach them, we first set the challenge and let them experiment. So, with this robot we'll again leave the students to experiment. We'll just set the challenge and we'll tell them Okay, you know how to use one block for moving forward, now try to think of a way to use more blocks and to change the settings of these blocks so that you can move forward, backward and like a Yo-yo. And they'll start experimenting, they'll change the power, they'll change the rotations, they'll change the sign of the rotations, probably minus rotations. But on the steering block there is no

direction setting. So, you can't just click somewhere and say this will be forward, this will be backward'. You have to change the number of rotations to a minus or you have to change the power. And this is something interesting that you should leave them to learn for themselves. Also, they can try with some of the other blocks that are in the pallet. They can try with the large motor or with the tank block. Just leave them. And when they are stuck, and this will happen in a few minutes, just let them continue with the course. But until then just give them a few minutes to experiment and some of them will be able to get the program working. Probably not as we've shown perfectly. But at least to some extent working like a Yo-yo.

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