VEX EDR Intro. Register and download the RobotC software Pro Preview

To control the VEX Cortex controller we must use a software. In this episode we would download the software from the VEX site. Strange thing is that you must select your region correctly even if you are not in this region

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  • 21 Feb 2017
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VEX Site

Log in as a customer on the site. Depending on your location you might have to change your region. If you mess up the region it might not be possible for you to login.

In the orders section we have a software download. We must download RobotC for VEX Robotics



In order to use the cortex controller and to control our robot we must implement a program and we use a software for writing this program. In this video we'll install the software so that you can learn how to do it, what is the software, how to use it and in some of the next videos we'll stop at writing the programs.

When we go to the VEX ROBOTICS site and there is a page 'Customer account log in'. Currently as of today the look and feel of the design of the site might change in the future but as of today we can just create a new customer or register as a customer. So, we already are customer and we then try to log in.

And sometimes for us there is an error. Actually we are located in Europe but for different reasons we had to register from United States. So, it's very important to know your region and from which region you have created your account. It's strange but this is how the site works. So, if you have an account and you're from Europe but you've registered your account from United States you cannot log in. So, here I'll just select United States and then again our username and our password. And then we log in. And here we have our orders and we have software download. From here what we must download is this ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.x (Windows EXE) And we also have some other downloads but we are going to use this ROBOTC for VEX Robotics.

We save the file and after the file is saved and downloaded we can run it.

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