Following instructions and building your robot Pro Preview

We will build the EasyBot quick robot and will explain how to follow building instructions.

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  • 15 Jan 2017
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In order to build the robot, you need to follow the instructions in the materials section.

How to follow a 3D material

On each step you will see a list of the required parts in the top left corner You will be given the length of the elements and the number of identical parts you will need.
In the middle of the screen you will see how to attach the parts one to another.

Sometimes there will be no parts shown in the top left corner. Then you will just have to turn the robot into a new position.
Usually, the first and the final step show the assembled robot.


Make sure that parts in your hands are always oriented in the same way as those on the page!

How to manage the image

Use the keyboard arrow keys to move to the next or previous step.
You can use the left mouse button to roll the construction so that you can examine it.
You can use the right mouse button to move the construction to the left or right.
You can use the scroll wheel to zoom out and zoom in the image.
Below the instructions you can find the "Autorotate", button which disables the automatic rotation of the camera. You can experiment when it is better to keep this option disabled or enabled. The default setting of the option is enabled.

Easy Bot from EV3

Building instructions for the Easy Bot built with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 parts. This LEGO robot is suitable for classes with students in robotics and is one of the first robots that we build. It takes about 10-20 minutes to be constructed by first-time participants.


In this module we'll build the Easy Bot and it's a very nice robot. The reason for building is because we can accomplish some of our tasks with this robot. Let's look at how we build this robot.

What you have to understand is this robot comes in parts. Disassembled like this on very small parts. And we'll take a look at some of the parts. These parts are in the Lego Mindstorms EV3 set. And with these parts we construct the robot. For constructing the robot we follow the instructions. And instructions are formed. We provide them in the form of a document. And you follow the instructions and you place each part at the correct place. At the end you'd arrive at the robot that we called an Easy Bot. And this is a learning robot that we use for describing some interesting things about the construction about the Lego sets. Let's also look at some of the instructions for this robot. You can find all the instructions below the video. Just follow it. And it will take you approximately 15 - 20 minutes to build this robot if you are building the robot for the first time. This is how the instructions currently look like. These are instructions in a PDF document where we show which part you should find in the set then a picture of the part. Then one, two, three three to four maximum parts that you should find and how do you attach them. So you should take this blue part from the set and add this blue part right here. The same applies for you should take two of these black parts we would learn the name of these parts and add them right here. One here, one here and these instructions they continue. One part from this one of this. And these are 30 something steps 33 steps for building this robot. When you see this sign like this one here this means to turn the parts. To rotate them. And these are basically the instructions for building the robot. After you follow the instructions you arrive at the final result which is the robot. At the end after you have the robot constructed there are a couple of things that we should discuss for this robot. If you already know them, you can continue. But for the next module we'll step at some of the details the name of the parts and the way these parts are related to each other and some basic principles of constructing.

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