Following instructions and building your robot Pro Preview

We will build an easy robot and will explain how to follow building instructions.

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  • 01 Jul 2022

To build the robot, you should follow the instructions in the materials section.

How to follow a 3D material

On each step, you will see a list of the required parts in the top left corner You will be given the length of the elements and the number of identical parts you will need.
In the middle of the screen, you will see how to attach the parts one to another.

Sometimes, there will be no parts shown in the top left corner. Then you will just have to turn the robot into a new position.
Usually, the first and the final steps show the assembled robot.


Make sure that the parts in your hands are always oriented in the same way as those on the page!

How to manage the image

Use the keyboard arrow keys to move to the next or previous step.
You can use the left mouse button to roll the construction so that you can examine it.
You can use the right mouse button to move the construction to the left or right.
You can use the scroll wheel to zoom out and zoom in the image.
Below the instructions, you can find the "Autorotate" button that disables the automatic rotation of the camera. You can experiment when it is better to keep this option disabled or enabled. The default setting of the option is enabled.

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