Attachments for Box Robot for Robotics Competitions. Third way for adding Active attachment Pro Preview

This is a third example for adding an active attachment. This third attachment is now connected to the wheel at the front of the robot. Again, the attachment could be easily extended. 

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  • 16 Oct 2016
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In this video we'll look at the third way to add an attachment to our box robot but this time the attachment is at the front of the robot and you can control a lever at the front of the robot.

Again, at the front of the robot we have two wheels and we can control these wheels with the motors and we can add this pinless attachment directly to the robot. And from here we can control the lever. The way we do this. We have this wheel here and we have a similar wheel inside in the attachment. It's right here. And when we add the attachment both wheels work together. And from here we control the moment of the lever with our motor. It's very simple. From here you can extend it. You can have different missions that you should accomplish and the idea here is to have some kind of an attachment that works in front of the robot. For example, you can solve a different mission. We had this mission a few years ago and it involved something like I think it was from Nature's Fury. And what you should do is move somehow and push on these parts so that these are cold waves the three waves they fall. And you can solve, for example, this mission with this simple attachment. You just move with the robot, come to the attachment, like this, and you just activate the attachment. And then you continue with the other missions. Now you can, if you've seen the previous videos, you can, of course, group the different attachments. You can have an attachment here that does something and attachment here that does something. And in the next video, we'll present one more idea on how we add attachments to the left side of the robot. And it will be a more interesting attachment because it will be able to lift heavier objects.

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