Attachments for Box Robot for Robotics Competitions. Active Attachment at the top of the Robot Pro Preview

This is the first Active Pinless Attachment for the Box competition robot. The attachment is placed on the top of the robot and is controlled by one of the motors. 

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  • 02 Oct 2016
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We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course 

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In this video we'll stop at the first active attachment for our box robot. And this active attachment involves lifting a lever.

First, we have the robot and then we just add the attachment on the top of the robot. And now this here is just a way to transfer power from the motor to an attachment. And from here you can construct your specific attachments for your specific competitions. So, you might have a case when you have the mission on the left of your robot and you need to lift some kind of a lever. Like this. And this involves extending the system of gear wheels and the mission might, for example, be collecting some loops. And if there are loops at this side of the robot, you can just move like this and collect loops. Then move the lever down move with the robot forward come to the next loop and then collect the next loop also. Now, of couse, it's a simple example but it shows how you can transfer power from the motors to an attachment and do some meaningful job with this attachment. So, you can actually solve a mission that, for example, involves lifting loops or lifting other elements. So, it's interesting and from here you can build even a more complex attachment. We'll prepare building instructions for this specific gear system and the way this system works is the following. You have these wheels and you tranfer the power to these wheels so you can rotate them. And at the bottom side of the attachment you have a similar wheel like this over here. Now, when you rotate this wheel you also rotate the small gear wheel here that transfers the power to the large gear wheel. For those of you who have watched other videos about gear wheels you can see that you transfer the power from a small gear wheel to a larger gear wheel. This means that you reduce the speed but you increase the torque. You increase the power of the attachment. You can lift heavier elements. And that's one interesting way to transfer the power from the motor. In the next video we'll stop at other ways for the other side of the robot.

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