FLL 2021: Carry, Deliver and Drop a large object - How to accomplish the Large Delivery mission Pro Preview

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate one of the unique missions of the FIRST LEGO League competitions - we must carry a rather large object from base an leave it on the field. This takes some considerations as other missions must be accomplished before that.

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  • 04 Apr 2023
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In this tutorial, we will enter into one of the solutions. Nevertheless, we also have a second solution for the same tutorial. You can find it here: How to accomplish the Large Delivery mission - Advanced


In this video tutorial, we look at a mission model where we must bring this large wing to a mission model. And it's called a large delivery because we are delivering a large object. And that's one of the unique missions in FIRST LEGO League competitions that we've seen in the last couple of years. In this tutorial, we take a look at the simple accomplishment. Why do we call it simple? Because we don't focus on how we reach the mission model. Let's say that we are there, we've positioned the robot, and we only demonstrate the work of the attachment move and we place the large wing on the mission model. That's the large delivery. What we've done here is we've used a very interesting attachment that used also for the previous mission for the home delivery, with a few improvements. First, lower part of the attachment, it does not touch the field. And also there is this locking mechanism that you see. And the reason for this locking mechanism is the following. If we just place the wing on the attachment without locking it, then when we move, there is a big chance that the wing will fall. Here it is. It's not locked. And you can see that we move with turn and it kind of falls. It's very easy to fall. That's why we need this small locking mechanism that's designed specifically for this large wing. And it's like four additional parts, but they do all the job. When we place the wing, we lock the wing. And if we lock it, we can move more freely with the robot without being afraid that the wing will fall. Let's see it in action. You see how we try to swing the wing and it doesn't fall. As we are much more stable, we can focus on the accomplishments. Now, for this mission, it's a large delivery, so there's not enough space because there's other mission models that are on our way. For this particular mission, what we should do is first we should accomplish the bridge. This mission is called the bridge, and we accomplish it. And then we have enough space to bring the robot to the large delivery mission model. If we don't accomplish the bridge in advance, it's very difficult. Now, in some of the next tutorials, we'll focus on how to get there. But for this tutorial, we just take a look at, okay, we are there. The wing moves above the truck and the bridge is already down. So it's easy for the robot to get to the mission model. We move, we use the sensors, we align to the lines. Then we get to this point somewhere in front of the mission model, and we align to the black line and we start the robot. As you start the robot, it will place you saw it in the beginning that it successfully places the wing on the mission mode. Let's look into the programming. The program is very simple for this program. We've already reached the mission model. So what we need to do is just move forward and move back. And that's it. Let's take a look. We place the robot and we move forward. The wing is on the mission model. We stop and then we move back.

Move forward for 20 CM, move back for 15. Nothing quite interesting here. What's interesting is the attachment. And that's why in this video tutorial, we focus on the attachment. In some of the next video tutorials, we'll focus more on how do we get to here, but for now, just the attachment. Also, if you want to learn more about how to get here, it's all in the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime programming for competition, where we get into more details about how do we use the different sensors in order to navigate the field and how do we get to a specific position on the field. Here, we set movement to motors A and B speed to 30%. Very slow acceleration. Move forward, move back. Exit program again. Start and accomplish the mission. I hope you like it, I hope you learned something, and I hope I see you in the next tutorial.

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