10 runs on follow and align Color Sensors from LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Pro Preview

On of the most precise ways to position on the FIRST LEGO League and other competition fields is to follow and align and in this tutorial we demonstrate exactly this - how consistent and reliable this method is to reach specific mission models. In this way you know that every time you will be at the right place, which is great.

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  • 10 Aug 2022
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How to use this tutorial?

Try to replicate the behavior of the robot here. Make sure you can have your robot behave as consistent and reliable as the robot on the video


In this video tutorial we demonstrate the consistency of our program for following a line and then aligning to a line and we'll do ten runs to demonstrate how consistent the robot is and how reliable the program is. Move forward then check the black line while following and then we align. Let'S see the first run

let's see. Move, follow. Detect the black line first to the white then to the black double alignment we arrive at this position and I'll use this phone mission model just. To mark the location. Second time again follow,

detect a black line, align to the white, align to the black stop. We are at the same place we are very consistent and now check out this we start from a different place we don't start from the base and again very consistent. Same place. So it doesn't matter even where we start from we can start from a different location. Again move detect the line with follow. There is no timer there are no degrees we are dependent entirely on the sensors. This is extremely precise and we've shown it here for this line and this third but we can also interpolate this to more complex lines and more complex missions where you must reach the other end of the field. Again - perfect execution. You can see that the robot arrives at the same place every time it doesn't matter where we start from as long as it can get in detect the line. Move. It waits for the black line on the right.

Move this green that the F sensor the sensor on the right is expecting it is not black, it is green and we are waiting for black. This gives us the opportunity to use this program because there are no other black lines that sensor F the right sensor will detect move again the same position what you should do with this program? Download it and experiment with this. This is one of the most reliable ways to program the robot

very consistent. See youin the next tutorial.

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