Robot Design Ideas for Chassis with Mindstorms EV3. Base Chassis 5 Pro Preview

The last fifth construction is larger compared to the previous constructions. It is wider. It has four sensors and you can take a larger load all by keeping the robot stable. 

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  • 21 Feb 2016
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We have the motors vertically and the brick horizontally. The two wheels are exactly in the middle in the construction and there is no third wheel. You can decide where to place the third and the fourth wheel. It is entirely up to you and this gives you an opportunity to decide if you would like to make the robot unbalanced.

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Robot Design Ideas for Chassis with Mindstorms EV3

LEGO Mindstrorms EV3 Robot Base Chassis 5 - The Big One

Building instructions for this LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot base that could be used in FIRST LEGO League, World Robotics Olympiad and other robotics competitions

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FIRST LEGO League Competition. Constructing and Programming a Robot Base

Add a third or even a fourth wheel to this construction. Make it move forward or turn. Take a picture or record a video and share it with us in the comments section below.

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This here is the last robot for these series of 5 constructions and we'll again discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages and interesting things about this construction.

Compared to the previous robot this one is larger and it requires more parts and it is also interesting that the motors are placed on the side of the brick. They are not below the brick, they're not near the brick or next to it, they're just on the side of the brick. And this makes the whole base a little wider. And what's good for this base is that you can take a larger load, because you have the tires, and there's a larger distance between the wheels. So you can take a larger load and you can build a heavier robot without breaking the stability of this robot. So it's interesting that we have the 2 motors vertically, we have the brick horizontally and at the same time the motors are next to the brick and this makes the whole robot wider. The next thing is that we have again the 2 medium motors,

but they're placed closer to the field in this construction. They're closer to the table in this case and this could have advantages and disadvantages depending on the task you would like to implement. What we have left with this construction is that we don't have a third wheel. This means that we can both place the wheel here or here and if we have 2 of the small wheels we can place one here and one here. This will be something interesting to do and to decide where to place the 2 wheels, but probably a good idea is to place one here and one here. It's an interesting construction and if you want to build it you can find the instructions below the video. As a conclusion we have the 5 robots and I'll place them next to each other. We have the easiest right here and the second, third, fourth and fifth robot and they are all interesting bases and you can place your robot on this constructions. You can find the instructions below each of the videos. If you start with any of these constructions feel free to take a picture a video of them, how you have modified them so that they can suit your case, your competition. Share them with us so we can give you some feedback. If you start with this remember that these are bases, so they're not complete robots, but you can start from something and add different additional attachments, modules to this robot, so that you can solve your tasks. I hope we can help you with these constructions, so you can start competitions faster and you can achieve more points on each of the competitions.

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