Robot Design Ideas for Chassis with Mindstorms EV3. Base Chassis 3 Pro Preview

The third robot has the brick and motors placed vertically. This is quite unusual and difficult, but the construction is very powerful because it saves space.

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  • 07 Feb 2016
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The robot is shorter than the previous two, which is a great advantage because it could move through narrow entrances. 

The robot also has a good frame around it. This allows for more attachments to be added to the construction and the robot could become very powerful. 

The wheels on this robot are also attached in a very good way. The axles supporting them is attached to two. 

Be careful also with the center of mass. Check out the video.

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Robot Design Ideas for Chassis with Mindstorms EV3

Vertical Robot Base Chassis for LEGO Mindstorms EV3

This LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot chassis has the brick positioned vertically. Interesting idea that could be very useful.

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FIRST LEGO League Competition. Constructing and Programming a Robot Base

Construc the robot. Try to balance it by making the weight equally distributed from the front to the left. Record a video or take a picture. Share it with us in the comments section below.

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We continue with the third robot from the series on the five robot constructions for competitions and not only for competitions and this is one of the very interesting robots because the brick and the motors are placed vertically, not horizontally. Let's explore this robot.

What we have learned from our experience is that you don't see many of these robots, because they're quite difficult to build and to add different attachments, but they're very powerful and the difficulty comes from that the whole brick is placed vertically along with the motors. That's different way of thinking, but this whole robot has many advantages. First, it requires a few parts, then it's shorter than the other robots. If we compare it with the second robot that I showed you it's 5-6 LEGO units shorter and if you compare, it will be the first robot. It's again 5-6 LEGO units shorter. And this make the whole robot smaller and it might be very easy to implement certain tasks at certain competitions. The other advantage of this robot is that the whole robot has a frame.

Compared to the previous robots, we don't have a frame around the robot and we don't have much opportunities to add different attachments because we don't have that many holes. But for this robot we have a frame and it's very convenient to add different attachments like, containers, motors, so it makes the whole robot more powerful. The third very important thing about this robot is the wheels and the way they are attached. You can see that the wheels are rotating around an axle and this axle is attached to the motor and to another part. This part here. That's very important. If we have a robot like this where the wheel is attached, the axle is attached only to the motor, the whole axle can bend, if the robot becomes quite heavy or if the speed is large the whole axle can bend and that's something that makes the robot not very stable. But if you have the axle attached to 2 points like in this robot here, we have it to the motor and to this pin, the whole axle is much more stable and that's a good thing. Now this wheels are from the NXT sets, but you can customize this for the large wheels from the EV3 set. It's again something you can do as an experiment just to get you used to the instructions for this robot. You can find the instructions for building this robot below the video. Because this robot has the brick placed vertically along with the motors we have more space left. You can see that there is quite large space here and you can use this space for collecting object, adding different sensors or one more motor. So it's something you can use for the different competitions. You again have the sensors and you have the third wheel. That makes the robot very interesting. One disadvantage when you have the brick placed vertically is that probably, not in all of the cases, but you should be careful, the center of mass is placed at a different point compared to these robots. And the center of mass might be higher. It's not always this case but it is possible to get to a mass that is placed higher and this makes the inertia of the robot, it will have a larger effect on the behavior of the robot. So this is something that you should be careful with. In the next video we'll go into our fourth construction.

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