Robot Design Ideas for Chassis with Mindstorms EV3. Base 2

The second construction of the series along with a comparison with the first construction. The new robot requires more parts, but has a few more advantages. 

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  • 31 Jan 2016
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The motors are well attached to the base. The robot also has more wheel at the back to take on more weight. This, in the general case, could make it more stable and precise. The wheels used are from the NXT set, but you could easily change them to wheels available in the EV3 set.

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Robot Design Ideas for Chassis with Mindstorms EV3

Robot with Front Wheels

A LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Chassis with wheels at the front. Built with the EV3 set you can use this robot chassis as a base for extending with attachments. 

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FIRST LEGO League Competition. Constructing and Programming a Robot Base

Try the following tasks for the robot:

Change the wheels of this robot to EV3 wheels. Take a picture or Record a video. Share them with us in the comments section below.


In the second video we continue with the second robot that we built and that's the second construction and we'll do a small comparison with the first. Now there are several advantages and disadvantages on both constructions that I would like to point out.

Both robots are the same size but the second robot requires more parts, because there are more frames. First it's again with 2 medium motors, but they are attached very well. So always try to attach the motors in a very stable way. Compared to the first robot where the motors were kind of moving. The second thing is that our second robot has 2 wheels at the back. That's an advantage if you have 2 wheels because there's a little friction in these wheels but you can make the robot much more heavier and it would be again very balanced robot and robots with 2 wheels at the back tend to behave in more stable way, so they are more predictable. The next interesting thing about this robot is that it uses small wheels. Now you don't have these wheels in the EV3 set. These are wheels from the NXT set. You can of course change these wheels with other wheels and probably lift the whole construction up and this is an advantage most of the time. Smaller wheels mean that the robot will be more stable, but again there are some exceptions to these rules. Interesting for this robot is that also the color sensors are not positioned like this, as most of the time, but they are positioned vertically and this makes following the line a little bit different, it's not very different, but it will be a little bit different. That's interesting about this robot. As you may see on all of the constructions we have these red pins and with them you can actually disassemble the whole robot. You should always try to build your robot so that you can remove some of the parts with just removing the red pins. If I remove this and this I can remove the motor from this robot. So try to use the frames, the red pins so that you can always place some additional parts in a very fast way.

That's for the second robot, let's now move to the third robot.

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