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"You guys did some great videos! Thank you"!

Nick Houghton, March 2022

"FLLCasts has been an excellent resource. I've used it to upskill myself in EV3. I have coached several FLL teams, and FLLCasts helped me take my skills to a much higher level as my team progressed through the various ranks. The 3D rotating building plans contained within FLL Casts revealed the possibilities that open up when box robots are built and provided clear instructions on building attachments and using gears. The tutorials explained the finer details of programming and allowed me to support my students in moving from novices to a competitive team. For the busy teacher or FLL coach, I can't recommend this product highly enough". Nick Houghton - Teacher and FLL Coach, NSW, Australia

Patrick Getchis, September 2021

"Thanks for the great service. I am taking a break from FLL. I will subscribe again once I start back up next year".

Coskun Polat, September 2021

"It was very useful and creative working with you. I totally liked your materials, projects and ideas. However, I do not need anymore for this coming season. But, I will definitely come back when I start to work at this field. Thank you guys"!

Michael MacFarland, September 2021

"You have a great content. We were coaching FLL teams and helping our children learn. We continue to recommend your site. If we resume coaching, we are likely to repurchase membership. It helped us be prepared for the competition".

Roberto Damiano, August 2021

"I'm on my third subscription and happy with the results achieved. Gratitude. Thank you for the partnership. Thanks to you, I have done a good job in the educational institution where I work. I learned a lot from your courses."

Jerome Seppelt, May 2021

"FLLCasts must continue because you are the best resource for educators. There is no other source to obtain all the needed information and examples in one place to move forward in FLL. Other wise it is hunt and peck to get the information you provide at one's fingertips".

Dave Covino, February 2021

"FLL Casts has great content! Our team is composed of 4th-5th grade students and we found the information you provided on topics like Box robots *extremely* helpful. Also, the tips on how to follow a line and other types of intelligent robot control are invaluable. There is no resource like FLL Casts out there for a new team of young kids who are eager and excited to learn the EV3. Neither Lego nor First Lego League provides *any* step-by-step instruction from both a mechanical and programming point of view - which seems like a huge miss".

Jerome Seppelt, January 2021

"I want to thank you for your programs, they were so valuable in having a FLL team move forward".

Chris Smith, January 2021

"I was using FLLCasts to assist with coaching a FLL team. It was very useful and a great platform. I no longer need it at the moment, but may find use again in the future, if I end up coaching again".

Sertan GÖNÜLTAŞ, November 2020

"First of all, you have produced a page with very nice content. Thank you very much. Since I participated in the FLL contest, I was using your web page in robot design and basically to learn the codes. I chose not to participate in the competition this year. I am thinking of rejoining your platform when I decide to join the competition again".

Rino Rossiр, November 2020

"FLLCasts is very good"!

Jaysankar Iyer, October 2020

Your website is a fantastic resource and I have been recommending it to all FLL teams that we have been helping.

Anna Hartford, October 2020

I'm no longer coaching robotics or home schooling. I used FLLCasts for competition and home based learning through 8th grade. It's an excellent resource. I have recommended your site to others who are interested in learning more about robotics and/or are coaching robotics teams.

Jim Grisius, September 2020

I have found the resources on FLLCasts.com to be valuable for both students and coaches and on target with what I was seeing at the regional and state competitions.

Kai Lai Chen, July 2020

My son now doesn’t play LEGO anymore. FLLCasts is great actually and we will come back in the future.

Bayram Koyuncu, April 2020

I really like the way you are teaching in Scratch Course. The Course goes with methodology of PBL (Project based learning) which make the course more attractive and motivational. The course allows to learn scratch from basics to higher levels through course stages. The project's topic is also amazing which is nowadays everyone's concern (hygiene) . I as a Computer science teacher will do this project with my students. I believe this project will encourage them to pay more attention to cleaning. Thanks for your perfectly organized lessons. I will be looking forward to hear more courses from Fllcasts.

Dhaval Parikh, March 2020

I need to cancel at this time, but may consider returning. Your site is excellent and I have recommended it to others.

Piotr Kluba, January 2020

Hi I bought my ev3 core set before Christmas and I’m pretty much ignorant when it comes to mindstorms. So far I built two robots and I’m planning to learn programming at an accelerated speed. You guys take it to the next level. I’m in awe of what you have accomplished.

Janie Sellers, January 2020

Aleks, I just have to tell you. We just went to our first competition. Our high score on robotics was 335 and we got first place! But here is the even better part. We won the Champions award. We came in first place over the 24 teams that were there! Thank you for teaching me about robotics!

Deepa SM, September 2019

The kids learned how to built box robot through your website with another coach. They did struggle with attachment using dogear gears. They couldn't reliably manage the attachment. This last season we liked the concept of box robot and it pros that we created one and customized the attachment to ensure we had vertical and rotational movement for gerhart mission. The idea of box robots is great. Tips and tricks of using dogears successfully will be very helpful for this typically 10-12 year olds.

D. Pratt, September 2019

I love using FLLCasts, it helps me be a better instructor. Thanks for all your support and helping our kids achieve their goals.

Summer STEM and Extreme Robotics Bootcamps were so fun! It looks like our group is growing in our small rural upstate NY village. All through grants and community support!

I work hard writing grants to fund this awesome program. This year we had 22 kids competing on 2 FLL Jr. And 1 FLL. Along with our after school program and outreach program, we have introduced robotics to easily 100 youth this year alone. I would love to allow all interested kids to participate, but funding is always the draw back. This year our oldest team, most aging out, have youth from 3 counties. We are adding another FLL team with the older kids being mentors. Many schools do not offer this program. Very sad!

They also build the robotic arm so the team could provide demonstrations, and let others experience the thrill at our season kick off.

Thanks for your commitment to teaching, you definitely make me a better coach!

JoAnn Ballard, September 2019

I love using FLLCasts, it helps me be a better instructor. Thanks for all your support and helping our kids achieve their goals.

Kristine Simonson, September 2019

So I used a couple of your Robot a Day lessons with a group of kids at my summer camp... even though not all of them were 100% ready with programming samples. Other kids chose to build from the Lego website. Your robot building instructions were much easier for the kids to complete than Lego website ones, and got them driving much sooner. Then I challenged them to test and modify the robot to find ways to improve it. The students were mostly entering 4th and 5th grade. They really enjoyed the different choices for robots to build. The designs were simple enough for them to assemble in one session and then they were easy to modify. Thank you and I look forward to you continuing to offer more lessons where kids can learn basic engineering principles.


Hi Aleks, I am almost done with my booth camp. Just yesterday I got my OCA certificate with a 90%score. I have 3 more months to go learn Selenium, SQL and API. Then I will become a software engineer:) this wouldn't happen without you. Your support and encouragement. You are my first coding teacher :) thanks for everything you did!

Kelly Atkins-Satterfield B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S.

THANK you so much! This will make my team very happy! Your version is so much better than the Lego version. Your site is so beneficial to younger students because they can manipulate the model!!

TWL, May 2019

I did spend time studying your material and applied many of your design techniques during the 2018/19 Into Orbit season. In particular, the sections on shell attachments and use of elastic band were extremely useful and helped us a lot!

I want to take a personal break as a coach managing 7 kids after 3 tiring FLL reasons and hence decided to cancel my subscription. I may possibly return to FLL in the future and will look at subscribing FLLCasts again.