VEX IQ Robotics Competition

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With a subscription for all the team members, students could move together through the courses, building instructions and programs while the mentor tracks the programs and navigates them.

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FLLCasts Certified VEX IQ Driver

You start by learning how to control the VEX IQ robots remotely

The certification path offers three different levels of certification, developed based on the different challenges in a competition environment and what should student be prepared for. 

Class R1

Become the best remote control driver at VEX IQ competitions. Test your skills in a number of challenges now. Pass them successfully and become an "Class R1"

The goal of "FLLCasts Certified VEX Driver - Class R1" is to certify your abilities to remotely control a VEX IQ robot. Everything is prepared for you. The course book contains a number of robots to build, programs to download and challenges to complete. If you complete each challenge below a certain time, and prove it, you receive the "FLLCasts Certified VEX Driver - Class R1" certificate.

You learn how to build a robot

Below you could find different VEX IQ constructions on which we've worked

Simple bases

Competition chassis

Challenge tutorials and attachments

Collection of resources for different challenges