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Tetrix FTC. Tasks. Construct a rotation axle for collecting balls

Attach an axle to the front of the robot. Find a similar one, or modify the FTC Tetrix robot to accommodate the new axle. 

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  • 14 May 2017
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This robotics task is truly open ended. You should build your own axle and then attach it to the robot.

FTC 200 mm Axle Dimensions

This is a blueprint of dimensions of the FTC 200 mm axle.


Here is a task for you. Find such an axle or something similar so you can use axles that don't look exactly like this. It will be much easier if you find the same axle. If you can't find the same axle, just modify the whole construction for your axle and attach the axle to the front of the robot. Then take a picture, a video and share this picture and video with us. We can comment on this, we can return some feedback and it will be really interesting to see the way that you've built the axle at the front of the robot.

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