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VEX IQ Crossover. Task. Build the same second attachment and extend the first Pro Preview

  • #537
  • 21 Jun 2017
  • 1:46


In this section we start with a task. And you already have an attachment that could grab and move a single Hexball and now it's time to extend. So, let me tell you the task and what exactly you should do. You have an attachment that looks kind of like this but it's not like this, it's a single attachment and it has a motor because you follow the building instructions correctly for the attachment. Now what you should try to do is to build a second attachment that looks exactly like the first and as you build the second attachment that looks exactly like the first then try to connect these two attachments together. And it should be pretty easy, it could take you 20-30 minutes. So, try to build the single attachment then a second single attachment with two motors as you are holding them currently and then connect the two attachments together. And this is your task. Don't forget to take some pictures and videos of your attachments that you could send to us and we can return some feedback to you. The reason why you should do this is to find out for yourself how can a single attachment be replicated and then the two attachments could be connected together. And if you can come up with such a solution then you could build a third attachment, replicate, attach to the first. Then a fourth attachment, replicate, attach to the first. And it's a nice principle for extending your robots. Just small modules that could be easily replicated and then connected to the robot.