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Box Robot Two. Central axle attachment for moving the axle 6 units up Pro Preview

Sometimes the way an axle is placed is just not suitable for a certain attachment and you should transfer the motion to another axle a few LEGO units above the current. 

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  • 27 Mar 2017
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Keeping the orientation of an axle

When an axle is positioned horizontally and in a certain direction you could keep this direction and orientation and still transfer the motion to another axle. For this, you should use a couple of gear wheels and frame. Probably the direction in which the axles rotate will change and you should be aware of that. 

Building instructions

Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot


Next attachment for our Box Robot. A number of times we got the question of how we use this central wheel at the center of the robot so it's like in the middle axle. And we tried to build an attachment for this. What we do is actually we move we transfer the motion to another axle that's a few LEGO units above our current axle.

And it works like this.

Let's see more datails how we build this attachment.

The details: We have our main axle that's at the front of the robot connected to the medium motor. And the medium motor is right here below the brick. If I even remove the brick, you'd be able to see. I won't remove the brick. We have the main axle and it's connected to the medium motor and then we have done is to add a system of two gear wheels so that we can move the axle or at least we can transfer the motion to an axle that's 3 LEGO units above the main axle. And you might need for a certain mission to transfer the motion to an axle that's even higher more LEGO units and this is where the attachment comes from. It's a very simple attachment and this attachment is added to the frame. First, we add the frame like this, then we add the attachment

like this and this gives us a pinless attachment where we can just remove the frame and add the frame on the robot. From there it works. We've transfered the motion to a third axle and this third axle is about 6 LEGO units higher than the main axle. And that's also another way in which you can build attachment and then when you have a second axle that's at the front you might use this second axle for different missions.

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