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Improving FLL Robot Game. How to hang the Gecko on the mission model Pro Preview

In this tutorial, we add another mission to our current program. This mission is - hanging the Gecko from the FIRST LEGO League Animal Allies. 

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  • 16 Apr 2017
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Three things when accomplishing FLL missions

  1. Build a box robot
  2. Build attachment for this box robot and program the robot to accomplish a mission.
  3. Group as many missions as possible into a single run when a "run" is the robot moving out of the base.

In this tutorial we group the Gecko along with the lifting mission.  



You might remember that to accomplish the missions in a FLL competition you have to do 3 things. First, build a Box Robot. Then build attachments for this Box Robot and a program that accomplishes each of the missions and then group as many missions as you could in a single run where a run is when you go out of the base. And since we've accomplished the mission model for hanging the robot our next task is to group them and solve the Gekko. The idea of the Gekko is to just leave the Gekko hanging on the mission model.

What you could do is somewhere while you are running on the field to come and leave the Gekko here on this mission model. And then in another run come and hang the robot on the mission model. But you'll lose a lot of time. That's why it's a good idea if there is something to be done with the mission model, to try to do this at a single run. And grouping the Gekko with hanging on the wall is actually pretty easy and we should group the two tasks and think of solutions how could we leave the Gekko on the mission model.

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