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Improving FLL Robot Game. Add the Lifting attachment to the robot Pro Preview

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  • 05 May 2017
  • 3:12


Finally, in this video we should make our attachment work. We should attach the attachment to the Box Robot lift the Boxt Robot so that it hangs on the mission model.

We have these two attachments that are fixed on the robot and that will help us hang the robot on the mission model. Now, what I'll do is remove these two attachments from the robot and add them to the larger attachment.

This is our first step. This one is here and this one is right here. Then we also knowing the previous videos that we did it is also important to fix the attachments at the top so that they don't bend and are more durable and finally, what we must do is add this attachment to the Box Robot. The process is the following. It's very easy because we actually fix the attachment to the robot on 8 places. And these 8 places are with these triple red pins. Because with these pins it is easy to just pull the pin and then push on the pin and in this way fix the attachment to the robot. I'll just pull all the pins. We take the robot. We place the attachment. We fix the axle right here. We have the driving axle. After we fix the axle we fix the red pins next to the axle. Two on each side and then we fix the red pins on the left and on the right side.

And this is how the robot should go out of base. It is moving and while moving the legs will not effect most of the behavior of the robot because they are not touching the ground or if they are touching, you can just rotate the motors slightly so that you have the legs in the air then you move with the attachment. I'll just find my program. And how do we see it on the camera?

This is how you finally make the robot lift itself and attach to the mission model. Don't forget to send us pictures of your robot or videos of how you manage to lift the robot on the mission model or on the box or on the stair or whatever you are using there for lifting so that we can see it and return some feedback, share with the others.

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