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Improving FLL Robot Game. Using a rack for Lifting. Pro Preview

The next step of lifting a robot to a mission model is to try to use a rack.

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  • 05 May 2017
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You have gear wheels and you have the straight parts of the Rack. By rotating the gear wheels you move the rack forward and backwards. 

Transfer of motion

This process of rotating a wheel and this resulting in a Rack being moved is a transfer of motion. You transfer a circular motion to a linear motion.

Rack attachment for lifting built with LEGO Mindstorms EV3

This construction demonstrates one way of using а rack with a gear wheel. It allows to turn circular motion in to a liniar one.


The next step when lifting the Box Robot on the mission model is to try to use a rack for lifting. We have our rack here and it's a rack built for another mission but because we have it constructed already and I'll use just this rack but you can also construct on yourself and this is one of the tasks. So, what is a rack? First, you have these straight parts here the black ones and on these parts you can move with a gear wheel. And while moving with a gear wheel you can transfer the motion from the gear wheel to the rack. And the rack moves forward and backward. Or up and down depending on how you construct it. So, you have this large straight part that's actually called a rack but we also refer to the whole mechanism as a rack. And it consists of a gear wheel and this gear wheel is black and it's difficult to see it on the camera but it's right here and it's a black gear wheel - small black gear wheel. And this small black gear wheel rotates. And while it rotates it transfers the motion from a circular motion to a linear motion. And the whole rack moves up and down or forward and backward. What you can do with the rack is to place the rack at the front of the robot or at the back of the robot or at the sides of the robot. And the advantage of using a rack is that while you're moving you can have the rack up like this and it will not interfere in any way with the movement of the robot and then when you reach your destination you just transfer some power from the motor to the gear wheel and this will make the rack move down. And this will lift the whole robot if the rack is attached. And that's the basic idea of the rack. It's a very useful mechanism and you should try to construct one, see what happens and how you use it. Try to place one of the racks that you do on the front or on the back. Don't use this specific example. I'm using it just as an example here but you should try to construct on yourself to see how you fit the different parts together - the rack with the gear wheel. And try to lift the robot.

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