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Arduino Basic Course. Tasks for modifications of the device with a blinking diode

Time to experiment with the controller, the diode and the program that makes the diode blink. Don't be afraid to change the program. We've prepared a number of tasks for you in the course that you should definitely complete before moving forward.

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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Don't be afraid to experiment with this diode and with the program. We've prepared a number of tasks that you can try to solve to learn more about controlling this diode. For example, how do you make it stay off for 5 seconds or how do you make it start with a delay and etc. etc. or have some ratio between staying on X time and staying off Y time. And there is a relation between X and Y. All of this in the tasks after the video.

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Image for Starting with Electronics and Arduino
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Image for Getting started. Unpacking. First device and program
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