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Attachments for Box Robot for Robotics Competitions. Active Attachment for the Right side of the Robot Pro Preview

Second active pinless attachment for the robot construction. It is placed in the top/right corner of the robot and includes an interesting gear system for transferring the power. The attachment is suitable for complete rotations.

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  • 09 Oct 2016
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We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course 

Box Robots for competition (this will require a course subscription)


The next step of building attachments for this box robot is that you might have missions that you should accomplish and they are on the right of the robot. While you are programming they are on the right. And you might need the following movement - up and down. Let's see how we accomplish this movement.

Again, it is a pinless attachment and this pinless attachment uses the wheels that are on the right of the robot. And this is how we move them here with the motor. And now we just add the attachment and it's quite fast. And from now on we can control this lever here with the motor. And we can move the lever up. We can rotate it. We can move it back. So we have different options. We can also build a similar attachment for the left side of the robot. But because previously we saw it on the left side how we can do another lifting and lowering a lever This here is just rotating the lever. Again, it involves a system of gear wheels and this system of gear wheels connects to the wheels here. This wheels here and below the robot you can see there is another way to connect to these wheels. And with this small beam we just connect to the wheels and from then on we rotate the lever. We have a small system of 2 gear wheels here. One of them is connected to this main axle and with the motor we just rotate the axle.

Like this. Again, you can find the building instructions for these attachments in the course for this robot. And you can try to extend this attachment for specific missions that you are working on. For example, the mission might be again to collect different loops that lifted from the ground. So you just move with the robot, come to this loop and you just lift the loop. And from then on you can do something with this. You return it to base or you lower it and place it somewhere else that depends on the specific mission.

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