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Box Robot for Robotics Competitions. Align and Add attachments Pro Preview

With the shape of a box it is very easy to align this robot to different wall and to add very stable pinless attachments to it. The goal of the video is to discuss this feature of this particular robot construction.

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  • 24 Aug 2016
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Pinless Attachments

We have discussed pinless attachments a number of times at FLLCasts and will discuss it in the next part of the course

Aligning to Walls

It is important to use the walls to align the robot and fix its position during competitions

We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course 

Box Robots for competition (this will require a course subscription)


The first two things that we'll take a look about this robot is that you can easily align to different borders. And that you can easily add attachments.

During competitions it is always a good idea to use the borders on the field and to align to these borders. Because the robots they always make some kind of mistakes and they are not quite accurate. So, when you have a border don't skip the opportunity to align to this border. And with a box robot it's very easy. It's also easy with other robots but when you have it as a box you just move to the border push with the motors and you align to the border. Bacause you have the box designed on the four walls you can easily do it on the front, on the back on the different sides. The next interesting thing about the robot is that you can easily add attachments to this robot. You have so many holes here but we also recommend we always recommend to use pinless attachments. Attachments that do not involve any pins. And as you have this design of a box it's very easy to build a frame that looks something like this and just attach and frame. And you have the attachment on this frame and you can build many such frames if you have the parts, of course. And you just move and attach. Like this. This is a great advantage for this robot because you can quickly change the attachments and during a competition the time is not that much and it's always very big pressure so you must try to save time by building attachments that are pinless.

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