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Pinless attachments. FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015. Pro Preview

In this video we discuss part of the pinless attachments build by the ELM team. Without pinless attachment it is nearly impossible to achieve a good score at the FIRST LEGO League competition. 

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  • 10 Apr 2016
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FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015

Learn more about the competition by visiting our FLL 2015 resource page

Pinless attachments

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The first thing that is worth mentioning is that when the ELM team uses the different attachments they try to build them in a pinless way. So that the attachments could be added to the robot without the use of any pins. So let's first take a look at this.

Now this here is the base of the robot and in front of the base we have different holes. And on these holes we can add different attachments and our motor is right here. You can see it below so we need an axle from the motor so that we can control the different attachments. The way in which we do this and this here is the attachment of the team and it's pretty large attachment and it does a lot of things. But the interesting about the pinless way is that they have these four axles here. One, two, three and four. And they also have these pins here but these are pins that are with axles at the end. The way they add this attachment is the following: they just take it and they add the attachment to the robot. So it's quite fast and there are no pins involved. And you can also remove it very easy. Again, just place on the robot and add. And we have the attachment. Now the robot can move and it can solve different missions with this attachment. The second thing about this attachment is that when we have added it in a pinless way again very fast , like this, we must somehow connect the motor to all the gears that are inside of the attachment. And for this we have the axle that is right here. So, it's right here where we have an axle. We just need to push with hand this axle so that it moves to the other one. Like this. This connects the whole attachment to the motor. In this way just place and then push this axle we connect the attachment to our robot. Let's also see how the team does this and how they add the attachment to the robot.

Now if you have other attachments from your robot that are also pinless, please feel free to share them with us and the whole FLL Casts community below in the comment section. In the materials section we'll upload some pictures of this attachment so that you'll know more of the pinless way of attaching. Again, like this.

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