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FLL 2022: Collect - How to accomplish M12 Water reservoir, third water unit with Chain Monster box robot Pro Preview

This M12 Water reservoir from FIRST LEGO League 2022-2023 is accomplish in two part with the Chain Monster box robot. The first part is in a previous tutorial. This is the second part where we collect the third water unit. We use a passive attachment to collect this unit.

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  • 09 Apr 2024
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That is the second part of the water reservoir mission, where we have to collect the third water unit. We do this as we return back to base. Let's see how.

The robot is moving along, accomplishing the other missions. That is the last mission. That is when it just returns back to base, and we must somehow collect this water unit. We move, and you see this red beam - and it's quite natural. We just turn and we collect it. We collect the last water reservoir. The difficult thing about this water reservoir mission model is that it has water units on both sides. Here, as we get back to base, we just push on this water unit, and we collect it. It's a collect mission. We move, and we just collect it. Quite interesting, just as an additional bonus to all the points that we've made with this robot, we collect the last water unit.

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