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FLL 2021: Flip a switch - How to accomplish the Switch Engine mission Pro Preview

This video tutorial demonstrates an attachment that flips a mission model. The mission model is attached to the field, but it contains a lever. This lever must be flipped from one side to the other. There is a switch. We use a pinless active attachment with gear wheels, and you can see how this works in the tutorial. There is no use of sensors as we don't need them. We will leave the alignment and positioning for some other tutorials.

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  • 18 Oct 2022
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In this video tutorial, we accomplished the switch engine mission from the FIRST LEGO League Cargo connect. And the goal of the mission is to switch the engine using this yellow lever. We use a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot and we start near the mission model. This is how it works. We start the program, move forward, activate the attachment and return back. That's it. You can see that the attachment is on the other robot, on the other motor. And this is what we decided for this mission. We start somewhere in the green circle. We move forward, we activate the attachment, it will switch the engine, and then we return back. It's important for this mission again to position the rubble precisely. We can allow for quarter of an inch or half a centimeter of a difference, but that's it. And if we don't position the robot correctly, it will be difficult to accomplish the mission. The attachment is quite simple. It's just an attachment to one of the robot, but it's one of the motors. It uses gear wheels and they're connected in a way that this changes the orientation of the power that transferred from the motor to the attachment. And we also tries to use a different set of gear wheels than the previous attachments in order to demonstrate to demonstrate that there are different ways. Now, when you try to accomplish this mission, you can try to align to this black line and from there approach the mission. On the right we have the recording, on the left, we have that program. And what's interesting for this LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Word Blocks program is that we split the program in two parts. We don't have to, but we did it in order to demonstrate this as a principle when programming. First, when the program starts, and second, we have a second thread, which is when the left button is pressed. So when the program starts, what we do is we initialize the robot and we move all the installation right here. So these are things like setting the acceleration to slow the speed of the motor. We set the speed of motor C, which is the left motor, where the attachment is attached, and we initialize the attachment to be at the correct position. That's it. We have it. We have it. But when we press the left button, this is where the real program starts. So we separate the initialization of the program from the behavior of the program. And when we have the behavior, it's quite simple. We move forward for about 10 CM. We use degrees this time, not seconds. We turn with motor C to about 180 degrees and then we return. This is how it looks like. We press the left we press the button for starting the program. The program initializes, then we press the left button, move forward. Here we are in the move for 10 CM forward. We stop somewhere around here. Then we lift the attachment for about 180 degrees and then we return the attachment to the initial position. While it's a good practice for this particular tutorial, you might return it, you might leave it. There no particular reason we just like to leave it this way for this specific tutorial. And then we return the robot again. Back 10. There is no positioning in this tutorial. So what's important is check out the other course for LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Programming, specifically for competition programming, where we discuss different ideas of how to align the lines, how to position position precisely, consistently and reliably on the field every time. But that's a question for another tutorial. See you in the next tutorial.

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