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Weight Machine M13 Flip FIRST LEGO League 2020-2021 RePLAY Challenge

Before the match, you hand select the machine’s lever setting. During the match, the robot moves the lever until the little yellow stopper falls.

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  • 31 Aug 2020


If the stopper is under the lever and lever setting is

  • blue: 10
  • magenta: 15
  • yellow: 20

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The lever setting is the color under the east face of the east green bar.

Before the match starts, you slide the lever where you want, with the stopper on top.

This is an exception to rule R12.
R12 defines where the robot goes between missions and tells what other handling is or is not allowed.

The (imaginary) space labeled “Home” in R13 . It has no ceiling and does not include the white sponsor logo band.

  • Home is your space for handling and storing allowable things whenever you like.

  • It is also the place for handling and preparing the robot before and between launches.

  • After any launch, the robot needs to return completely into home if you want to handle it without losing a precision token.

  • The robot can leave home only from the launch area, but it can return home anywhere.

  • Do not interact with things outside home except by rules R15 and R19 . Anything the robot affects or moves completely outside home stays as is unless the robot changes it (see rule R19 ).
    Exception 1: If something comes out of home by accident, grab it quickly so it does not upset the field. 
    Exception 2: If equipment breaks off the robot unintentionally, you can pick it up as needed.

  • You cannot strategically send or extend anything even partly out of home except by launching the robot.


FLLCasts Tip

Before the round you will need to set the machine to a desired level. There are 3 "lelvels" - "easy", "medium" and "hard". There is an increase in the difficulty of the mission as well as the points awarded

There are two intuitive ways to accomplish this mission. The first if to push the lever down. The second is to go to the other side of the mission model and lift the tires. The second is easier because the robot needs less force and it can align to the wall

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