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Crane Mission FIRST LEGO League 2019-2020 City Shaper Challenge

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Score all that apply

If the Hooked Blue Unit is:

  • Clearly lowered any distance from the Guide Hole: 20 and
  • Independent and Supported by another Blue Unit: 15 and
  • Level 1 is Completely in the Blue Circle: 15

Note: You can only get Flag points if you get Bridge points.

Note: Rule 31 allowance: It is okay and expected for Robots to collide while trying to earn Flag points.Note

Note: When clearly only one Robot is holding a Flag raised, only that Robot scores for that Flag

(mission descriptions source https://www.first-lego-league.org/)

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  • 21 Aug 2019

Fllcasts Tip:

You can add a limiter to your robot/attachment. Thus, you will limit the attachment movement that you use to push the beam that rotates the crane. With this the crane will be rotated to the correct angle that the blue building is positioned above the blue circle. It is easy to push the other blue building to the blue circle and then lift the crane lever to lower the house.

This mission will be accomplished more easily if you finish it before Innovative architecture (Mission 11) or Design & build (Mission 12).

The trick is to have a clear path to push the blue house to the blue circle.

The blue circle won't benefit the Design & Build (Mission 12) (it doesn't give bonus points in Mission 12).

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