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During this lesson the students will have to build a robot looking like a bat. Then they will be introduced to the EV3 Ultrasonic sensor and will have to program the robot to behave like a bat. Bellow one can find summary of the tasks and theory from the lesson.

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  • 17 Aug 2018


  • Build the Underside Motor Attachment as base for the robot and add wheels.

  • Attach the ultrasound sensor. Finish the robot so that it looks like a bat:
    bat on a wall

  • Later on for performing the tasks in the lesson the bats constructed by the students should have an object designated as a pray. Decide based on the time whether you build the "pray" or the students build it on their own. It should be big enough so that the ultrasound sensor can detect it. 

Theory and programming:

  • You can share and discuss a little bit of theoretical information about ultrasound without going into detail. For example: Human beings cannot detect ultrasound waves. Unlike humans, bats depend entirely on ultrasound as they are in fact blind. Ultrasound helps them find their way at night and in dark places such as caves.

  • The first task will be for the robot-bats to move without hitting the walls in the room. Check whether the task is successfully completed even when the lights are off. Discuss.

  • The second task will be the robot-bat to find its prey and chase it.

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