A robot a 'day'. Build a catapult and throw a few objects. Use a clutch Pro Preview

If you've come this far in the course you deserve a big award. Presenting to you the Catapult (that, by the way, has a clutch).

First, you could see the end construction of this section and then we could enter into details. And we would even use a Clutch. 


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  • 05 Dec 2017

Catapult and Fun

There was a time when the catapult was our most popular construction. The construction leaves a mark at each of the users at FLLCasts.

It is so special because it is extremely fun. It is actually throwing an object and you can try to improve the precision or to increase the distance. These are simple, yet challenging tasks. 

Catapult and the physics

There is a lot of physics involved in the Catapult. The laws governing the trajectory of the thrown objects is governed by the laws of gravity. If you manage to built and use it and if you attach us a few pictures as a solution we would enter into these details in one of the next sections of the course.

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