Use the phone to specify the username and password for the Raspberry PI to connect to the Internet Pro Preview

You could use the phone to set the username and password that the Raspberry Pi should use to communicate with the internet. Here we make the assumption that you have WiFi in your class, in your school, in your home and that you are connecting to the internet with a WiFi router. 

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  • 13 Apr 2018


Open Robopartans BlueDot application. Go to Settings-> Connect to WiFi. Type the network name and password that the raspberry pi should use. These are the name of the WiFi network and the password for this network. Press connect. A dialogue would appear showing you the IP address.

Connect to WiFi

Open the Robopartans BlueDot application. In the application user interface there is a settings option. Usually in the upper right corner with three dots. Select Settings-> Connect to WiFi. A new screen will appear that will ask you for the network name and password. 

The network name is the name of the network that you would like to connect to. The connection will be made by the Raspberry Pi, not by the phone. The phone will just ask the Raspberry Pi controller to connect itself to the network with this name. 

The password is the password for this network. Specify the password.

Select Connect. 

The IP address of the Raspberry PI will show on screen. 

What is an IP Address

The IP address consists of four number that uniquely identifies the device in your network. Some IP addresses are unique on the internet. But this one is just unique in your network. It is the address that other machines on the same network could use to send packets to when they want to communicate with your Raspberry Pi.

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