What is a disk image? How to download it and where should you install it? Pro Preview

There are many instructions that we could write to the SD card that the Raspberry will execute. What you should do is to write a disk image that we've already prepared for you containing the appropriate operating system and instructions for communicating with the phone.

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  • 12 Feb 2018


It contains the content and structure of a disk volume. Download the disk image from the materials section. Write with software working with disk images. 

Disk Image

A disk image is a computer file that contains the content and structure of a disk volume, like a hard disk, or an SD card. More about Disk Images on Wikipedia. We've prepared a disk image for you that you should write to the SD card. Since the disk image is prepared specifically for this course it contains everything needed. 


The disk image is located in the materials section. It is quite a large image - 3-4 GB so it might take a while for you to download it. You should also make sure you have enough space on your computer. 


The downloaded disk image is not a program. It can not be installed on your computer. It is a file. This file must be written on the SD card, but it must be written in a special way. Depending on your operating system there are different software tools that know how to work with images and that know how to write this images to external SD cards. 

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