VEX IQ Crossover. Introduction to the challenge, its rules and our goal with the course Pro Preview


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  • 19 May 2017
  • 4:43


In this course we would explore the VEX IQ 2016/2017 Crossover Competition. It was a very interesting competition with a number of very interesting challenges. We've built a number of robots and attachments for these robots but before we go any further into the details of the attachments let's first take a look at the competition and the goal of this course. In the course what we hope to achieve is for you to improve your score on the VEX IQ Crossover Competition. Now, you might have some of the field elements but you might miss them. Nevertheless, you can use other elements that you have with you and you can try to follow the course, build the attachments, solve the tasks and accomplish some of the missions and this will help you improve the score for next year. As a starting point we have the VEX IQ Competition the Crossover and it has the following rules. We have these Hexballs - these are called Hexballs and they come in two different colors. We have a blue one and we have an orange one. And we have the field. I'm not showing the field currently because it's kind of large and it won't fit on the camera. We have Hexballs that come in two colors and half of the field is filled with 20-30 of these balls and they are on the one side of the field while the other balls in the different color are on the other side of the field. And the field is separated in two. Then the goal of the robot is to bring as many as possible from the Hexballs from one field to the other. And that's basically the idea of the competition. Now, when you bring the Hexballs to the other side of the competition field you can just drop them on the field or you can place them right here and this was called Goal Assembly and you can place the balls in the Goal Assembly. And it has a number of floors. It has a first floor, a second and a third and depending on where you put the Hexball you can put it right here or you can put it right here or you can put it even right here at the top where it is not seen by the camera because it's kind of a large model but you can put the Hexball on different places. And this gives you different points. And at the end the winner is the one that has the most points. The whole competition has some other missions for bringing the robot on a bridge and making the bridge stable and this is also an opportunity for the teams to receive points but I'll show you the bridge in some of the next videos. As a starting point we'll start with a very simple mission of just taking these Hexballs, moving a robot with them and bringing them to the Goal Assembly and leaving the Hexball there. Now, the way we built this course is based on the missions but you can use the tasks to solve the missions and to accomplish them without actually having the mission models. So, instead of these Hexballs you can use other objects if you don't have them but if you have the VEX IQ. Instead of this Goal Assembly you can use just some boxes and you can try to place the objects that you are using like other balls on this box and you can have a box that's higher and you can place them there. So, it's not mandatory to have the field if you have the objects on the field, it will be more useful but if you don't, you can still take the course and you can accomplish most of the tasks by just replacing these elements with other elements that you have around you like different balls or different boxes or you can even make them yourself.