VEX IQ Crossover. Task. Extend the double attachment to a triple attachment Pro Preview

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  • 03 Jul 2017
  • 2:12


The goal of the next few sections is to actually do a competition with our attachments. And first we start with a very interesting task to extend this attachment to an attachment that could handle 3 objects. We've provided you with instructions for a single attachment, an attachment that could handle one Hexball or one object at a time, that can manipulate. Then we have this attachment that could manipulate 2 objects at a time. Now, the task for you is to try to think of ways to extend this attachment to an attachment that could manipulate 3 objects at a time. You could follow the same principle here as in the rack or you could build another attachment with a motor or you can combine the two together but you have for a single, you have for a double, you can try to extend this or attach another one right here. And the end result should be that you can manipulate 3 objects at a time. Why do we need three objects? The goal of the competition is to bring as many Hexballs from a single place to another place. So, to grab them, move them and place them. And there is a limit of the number of Hexballs that you can manipulate. You can't manipulate 100 Hexballs at a time or 50 but you can manipulate 1, you can manipulate 2 at a time. Can you do an attachment that can manipulate 3 or 4 or 5 different objects at a time? The more Hexballs that you are trying to manipulate, the heavier the attachment and the more complex. And there is a balance. So, the goal for you is for the next couple of minutes like 30-40 or an hour try to extend this attachment even further to manipulate 3 objects at a time.