VEX IQ. System of gears when throwing a ball with levers Pro Preview

The topic of this tutorial is the purpose of a system of gears when throwing a ball.

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  • 13 May 2017
  • 1:51


The two large gear wheels are powered by the motor and they rotate the smaller gear wheels. With a few gear wheels in the system, the speed of the lever is increased and the attachment could hit on the ball with larger speed and throw the ball further.

VEX Ball Thrower With Rubber Bands

Building instructions for a VEX IQ attachment for throwing balls with rubber bands.


In this video I would like to discuss the purpose of the system of gears and in this attachment there are two systems of gears for throwing the ball. Again, the attachment works in the following way. If I have the ball and I rotate the motor,

I could actually throw the ball.

In the attachment we have two large gear wheels and I'm not sure about the number of teeth but you can check this. And we have the levers connected to two axles. These two axles are right here connected to a very small gear wheel. And this gear wheel works with the large gear wheel which is connected to an axle that's attached to the motor. So, it's actually the motor transferring power to the large gear wheel and from there to the small gear wheel and we do this to increase the speed. When you move you can first increase the length of the lever to increase the speed of this part that's actually hitting on the ball or you can use a system of gears. In our case we've used a system of gears with only two gear wheels on each side but you can extend this with 4 or 6 or 8 gear wheels and this will further increase the speed with which you hit on the ball. So, whenever you hit on the ball in a mission and you have to hit a ball or another object you can use a system of gears to increase the speed with which the lever moves.