Improving FLL Robot Game. Recap on Lifting the robot Pro Preview

Let us do a quick recap of the whole lifting mission and its solution

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  • 05 Apr 2017
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From which side do you lift the robot? Is the robot horizontal, vertical or there are other possibilities? This is an important strategic question that you should take into account when deciding how to approach such a mission.

Types of lifting

You could use simple legs with gear wheels, or a rack or, as we did finally, a scissors mechanism with some planetary gear wheels. Yes, it sounds difficult, but as you have seen it could be very easy. 



And while recording the previous part of the video I thought that it would be a good idea to lift the whole mission model so that you can see below the robot. You see that the whole robot is actually in the air and it's like 6 or 7 Lego units in the air. And it is stable. This mission model is fixed during the competition and it's not moving. I am fixing it here with hands but during the competition it is fixed. And this is how it looks like.

I would like to stop for a moment and to recap how we lifted the robot and why we stopped at this solutions and what are other solutions for lifting and attaching the robot. First, we started with the Box Robot and with the Box Robot we draw some strategy of how we want to attach this robot and where is the center of gravity, how heavy is the robot and from where we could approach the mission model. So, we decided we should move to the front but it is also an idea to just rotate the whole robot or lift the robot like this. So, there are many different ways. The robot has 4 sides and has up and down so this makes it 6 sides and you can come up with solutions for attaching it to the mission model on either of the sides. Either on the 4 sides or from the bottom or from the top. The other thing that was interesting is that we presented 3 solutions and these 3 solutions involved the first one was with the large 40 teeth gear wheels, the second one was with a rack. I have the rack here. It will be for another mission but it's a principle for the rack. And finally we decided to use a scissor mechanism right here on the two sides of the robot to make it work and attach to the mission model. One of the very very interesting solutions that we solved from one of the teams this year is that they have a large robot and with this large robot they move around the field, they solve most of the missions but then when they go for the attachment they just remove the brick and the motors and just place it on the side and it's a very small robot. Again, looking like a box but a very small and they go for this mission model. When the robot is not that heavy and it's easier to attach itself to the mission model. And that was an interesting solution.

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