Code of conduct during the robotics lessons Pro Preview

We have the following behavior expectations from you during this course:

You ask the question.
You will probably err before you succeed.
You should work as a team. Share solutions with others, help them and allow them to help you.
When the teacher speaks, this is important to everyone.
You should read your lesson before you come to class.

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Students ask the questions!

The teacher will not expect you "to know a lot", but will expect you to ask when you don’t. Go to your teacher when you have a problem. The teacher won’t be able to help you unless you ask them.

Students err before they succeed!

It’s normal to fail the first time. But we will be disappointed with you if you don’t try over and over again. We can agree that you have failed only after you have tried at least 200 (two hundred) times and still haven’t found a solution to the task.

Students work as a team

A team consists of two students who work with one set and evenly share both building and programming the robot. Nevertheless, a team is the whole class who work together and help each other to solve all tasks during the lesson. We actually tolerate copying and hinting!
Two students should log in with their user names and passwords. Use the button "Log in Partner".

When the teacher speaks, this is important to everyone

Sometimes the teacher will solve a student’s problem. Pay attention to what the teacher says, as you may encounter the same problem in the future.

You should read your lesson before you come to class

We provide you with e-textbooks. You can read them at home, on your phone or tablet. You are expected to think of solutions to the tasks before coming to class.


Here are some of the expectations that we set for you while taking the course.

The first thing is that you should work as a team. If you are taking this course in a group with other students always try to work as a team. So two people, three trying to solve a single task. This is the way you work as a team. And don't try to do it yourself. Try to share, to talk with the others, to discuss and to come up with a solution. So, try to work as a team. Sometimes when you make a program or a construction in the course it won't work from the first time. There will be some problems there and you might consider this a failure but the important thing here is to try and to ask questions and to be open-minded and whenever you have a problem try to experiment with the task. Try to modify the construction or the program. And if you have difficulties you can always ask. You can ask us below in the comment section below. You can ask the instructor and you can also ask your classmates or the students that are in your group. So it's very important to accept that sometimes the programs won't work and when you have a problem always ask. The next expectation is to always read the module before coming to class. Especially if you are doing this course in a group with other students. And why is this important? Because if you get to know the robot before the class the tasks, the small theory that we have, the new material what will happen in the class is that you'll have much more time for the fun part for constructing, and for programming, and for using these robots. And the more tasks that you solve that you'll feel better.

There are so many advantages for this. So always try to read and to prepare before coming to class so that you have more time in class to do more things.

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