Box Robot for Robotics Competitions. Requirements for additional parts Pro Preview

This video discusses the fact the robot requires a few more parts that are available in the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics sets. We have a number of other constructions that require less parts, but for this particular robot construction we have decided to go beyond the standard sets, cheaply buy a few more parts and build a whole box robot with them. 

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  • 28 Aug 2016
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Buying LEGO parts

What you could do is search the Internet for "lego parts sale". We are not in any way connected with any of the sites, but we have used mainly BrickLink in the past for the times when we needed some additional parts.

Where do we have the additional parts from

Most of the part we have are collected over the years and we have hundreds of thousands of lego parts. It now occurs to me that for some of the competitions of FIRST LEGO League we have 15-20 fields and this is where most of the parts come from. We, however, do not like to use them because we understand our unique position of having so many parts. These robots make a little exception.

We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course 

Box Robots for competition (this will require a course subscription)

The additional parts that you need:

LEGO Technic Flat Panel 5 x 11 (64782) - about 15 of them



In this video I would like to discuss the fact that this robot requires a few more parts.

I would personally prefer a robot that is built from a single set, from a single combination of a core set with the resource set. And we do have such robots at And you can search for the EV3 Competition robot or the NXT Competition robot and for different instructions. I can even give you a few links below in the video. But for this robot it is kind of impossible to built such a robot from a single set - a combination of a core set and a resouce set. Because it requires many parts. Parts that look like this. These frames here. Also the frames that look like this. So, the whole robot requires many parts. Even if you start to build different attachments you'll need more and more parts. So, what you should do is first, you can always try to use a robot that is build from a single set but it's also a good idea to spend some time on the Internet and to purchase such parts from different sites. They are not very expensive. And they are worth it because you'll use these parts for this year and for the next year and for the years to come. So, you should always have a few more additional spare parts and you can also buy more parts that you don't have in the different sets. Because there are no sets that include parts like the balck ones here and you should buy them from different set. But there are market places on the Internet and I can give you a few links below so that you can go there and for a couple of dollars just buy a few parts. And it will be worth it.

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