Box Robot for Robotics Competitions. Brick Accessibility and Cable Management Pro Preview

Sometimes robot builders are so overwhelmed with the process of constructing a robot that they forget two very important parts. The brick should be accessible and the cables should not get in the way. These are referred by us as Brick Accessibility and Cable Management.    

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  • 26 Aug 2016
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In this video from the course on the box robot we'll discuss two things. First, the accessibility of the brick and the cable management.

First, the brick accessibility. During competitions you should always and these are actually the rules on almost any competition you start the program from the brick. So, it is very important to have the brick easily accessible. So that you can quickly click the button and start the program. And you can change different programs or you can even test something with the brick. And if you show any debug information it is always a good idea do have the display in such a way that you can see it. Many teams forget this and they place the brick inside of the box or they rotate it in some way and it's difficult to be able to easily switch programs on the brick. The next important thing about the brick is that you should charge the brick. And as you can see we have left small place here that you can actually add the charger and charge the brick without changing the battery. And the last thing is for the usb port that you can program. I would recommend that you use bluetooth for programming the robot but even if you decide to use a usb cable you can have easy access to the usb from here. The usb port is right here on the robot. And you can change this part and have an easy access. So, always try to have the brick in such a way that it is very easy to access it. The second thing in this video is the cable management. You may notice that you cannot see the cables of the robot. And this is because they are inside the box. You see that we have 4 cables for the different motors and 2 cables for the different sensors. Right here. And the cables are actually inside the box. Always try to place the cables inside the box and this will give you a lot of opportunity to work then outside of the box. So, cable management and easy access to the brick. There are two very important things for every box robot.

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