FLL 2022: Collect - Chain Monster box robot accomplishing M12 Water reservoir Pro Preview

In this video tutorial the Chain Monster LEGO box robot uses a multi-purpose attachment to collect two elements from the FIRST LEGO League 2022-2023 SUPER POWERED field and these are the "water" units on the field. What's interesting is that the contain where the water units are stored could be closed and opened and this allows us to freely move while non of the water units are lost.

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  • 09 Apr 2024
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In this video tutorial, we collect three of the water units from this mission model - Water Reservoir from the FIRST LEGO League 2022 - 2023. And it's a collect mission. We collect in this mission. This is the third mission of our five-mission run with the Chain Monster box robot, and its multipurpose attachment. The goal is to align. After we align, we'll use the attachment that's on the front as a container, and we'll collect two of these water units. And later, as we get to the other side, we'll collect the third one. We collect all the water units in the mission model, but we just do it on two passes. And when we collect them in the container, we can move along with these water units.

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